Friday, 19 November 2010

The truths about travelling...

1. The Lonely Planet is known as the Lonely Liar.

2. Whenever there is a group of international people and alcohol, you always talk about world history, politics and the future.

3. Your feet are never clean (except in a shower, and then that depends...)

4. You get called a gringo nearly everyday, by someone.

5. As a gringo, you call your small backpack, your daypack.

6. Socks and flip-flops are acceptable.

7. Everyone is on the same trail in either direction and you will bump into them again.

8. You either have time or money but rarely both.

9. For every few weeks of great travelling, comes a full day of utter hell.
10. You end up wearing the same outfit for days.

11. Handwashing in the shower saves time and money.

12. You forget what day it is, almost everyday.

13. Pictures and words don´t capture how amazing something is. Only     experiencing it does.

14. You can wear your pj bottoms in the street and people dont look twice, as a gringo.

15. Bottled water is a way of life.

16. You can do 12 hours on a bus standing on your head. (not literally).

17. Two-tiar pricing sucks.

18. Street food is awesome.

19. Spanish is very different in every country you visit.

20. The travelbug never goes away. (i hope). 


  1. Socks and flip flops?! How does that work???!

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