Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wedding bliss, D-day and Monsoons.

Wow, so another crazy couple of weeks have just passed. Beautiful times with beautiful people.

First stop. The Wedding.

Ah Sarah and Macca, it could not have been a more perfect wedding if you tried! Of course with Sarahs planning it could not have been anything but. You could not have asked for more.

Sarah looked beautiful. On the arm of her dad, a long, white strapless dress - perfect for a beach wedding- also showing off a major tan! Love it. A white flower in her beautifully curled hair, white perls around her neck, she looked amazing. Absolutely stunning, so happy.

The ceremony was so emotional, set against a late afternoon sun on Hat Rei Leh, Krabi, Thailand, beautiful white sands, clear and blue waters, green limestone cliffs. The set up of the wedding was incredible. The wedding team in their pink tshirts running around making last minute finishing touches - the detail was amazing.

Wedding of the year.
 As they stood at the alter they looked so lovingly at each other, so intently - like it was a private event just for them. So incredibly happy, so in love. Happy being together forever. 

The whole scene was picturesque, as Sarah and Macca said their vows, I couldn't help but cry with happiness for them. They are just going to be sooo happy!

So to follow the beautiful ceremony, we had tropical cocktails before getting wedding pictures as the sunset - a massive wedding meal of vegetable tempura, green curry and banana flambe. Then the real partying began!

We continued with cocktails on the beach whilst watching the fireshow and letting up chinese stye lanterns - then we hit The Last Bar in Raileigh with Buckets (actual buckets with ice, straws, a ton of alchol and red bull) dancing the night away in our wedding gear, ruling the roost and celebrating Sarah and Macca style! Had such a great time - even challenged (and won) the dance off between me and Pete the Best Man. What can I say? I got some moves.

Amazing. So amazing.

Anyways, now I am in Thailand with the lovely Dave, who arrived on 17th March - Paparoos birthday! And we're having a great time! Spent a couple of  days in Hat Yai, Phuket, before moving onto the interesting Phi Phi. This is the type of island that is good foor getting drunk and sunburnt, watching 18 year old European kids get wasted, wee and have sex in the sea. We saw all of ths\is. However, it is wicked for a hen do - like sarahs...

Hens on tour!
So we went to Phnang Nga to see the national park and the limestone islands in the bay - beautiful although the weather has been pretty wet ever since. We also zipped through the countryside on a motorbike, after I nearly killed us determined to do it! Dave, having never done it before, is apparently better at it than me. Hmmm...Safety first I guess.

For those of you who dont know, the lovely Dave.

So everything is going very well, its so good to be able to start sharing my experiences after being away for over 6 months now. I dont need to prove anything to myself  now, as I know that I can do it, and can do almost anything now. Its amazing, and I feel that now its a new and even more exciting travelling chapter.

And I am happier now than I have ever been :)

A big Happy Birthday to Franamuffin and my Paparoo! Sorry that im not there and miss and love you lots.

For now, I shall go back to the absolutely monsoon ran we've had for 3 days straight, leaving us stuck here foor a while. Not always paradise eh? At least im in good company.

Muchos love as ever xxxx

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