Saturday, 25 June 2011

Rain, rain, go away.

I think I'm going to get enough of this at home!

2 weeks and counting..and yes I am counting. I  never thought I'd say this, but I actually can't wait to come home. It's been too long without seeing all your happy, smiley faces. I have come to realise, that as amazing as traveling is, it is also an endurance test. Especially when you've been constantly moving and slept in over 100 different beds in the last 9 months. Testing, yes.

I think we got to the final straw on our oh-so-painful bus trip from Vientiane to Luang Prabang in Laos. In western time, it should've taken 3-4 hours. In Laos time, it takes 11. All uphill across windy mountain roads with sheer drops on the side of you. At least it wasn't raining this day. It was yet another example of a bus journey on this trip where you think that death is a real possibility. But we live to tell another tale.
And yes, the wet season has finally, and fully caught up with us. Its like being bucketed every time you attempt
to go outside. Shame really, as its a beautiful place to explore - not quite like Hoi An in Vietnam, but def the Laos equivalent. Lots of bakeries, orange robes monks, golden temples, amazing handicraft markets and generally peaceful and relaxing. Not a bad way to end the trip.

So we're here for a week before we fly to Bangkok - really couldn't face the 2 day journey by bus! If the rain holds off, we're gonna attempt to get our tans back. Scarily, I am almost as white as when I left the UK - leading to the theory that I actually never left. Ah, and I was so golden. Sad times.

And Daves treating us to our last 2 nights in a nice hotel - a bit of luxury before we leave, hurrah! A soft pilow is always welcome!

And I have much to look forward to when I get home - Dad and Adrian picking me up at the airport, Ben and Jerries Festival, The Fringe Festival, Reading Festival as well as many catch up lunches, drinks and general shenanigans that I plan to have before the lead up to my birthday! (and hopefully I will have a job and a room in London by then!) and all will be well. And all of this includes the lovely Dave, who is joining in these festivities from August 6th. 

Definitely the best year.

Ok, time for a curry. See you in 2 weeks!

Muchos love xxx

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