Monday, 27 December 2010

Crazy Chris's Christmas...

This is Chris, observing the drinking games from the corner of the room.

...ok, so I have to tell you guys about this crazy guy thats sharing a room with us. He's called chris, 25 from Florida and is a mechanic engineer. He also says things like:

Did you know that the perfect bottle of water whould be around PH7 which is neutral.
They've done studies to show that women who only show 30% of their body are more likely to find someone.
Have you been eating lettuce? Because lettuce contains vitamin K which stops you from bruising.
If you mix zinc in your drink you wont need to pee.
This bottle of wine lasts 3 days as you only drink 2 units a day, thats the recommended allowance.
Do British girls shave their legs? Because yours has fuzz on them (to Danielle).
I hate Italians.
I didn't have a good night. It was full of muslims and lebonese.

And so on. He also has a printed spreadsheet of his 5 year plan which includes:

Finding a wife and getting married.
Having 4 children.
Being rich and successful - earning around 42k.
Building up the body mass as least 0.5%.
Obtaining charisma - oh no, wait, he's already got that.

He's such a strange guy and comes out with random facts about vitamins, statistics and women ovulating. I am a little bit scared that I will wake up and see him staring at me. Or him killing me. Its totally possible. He ziplocks everything he owns and brought his own christmas penguin themed kitchen roll. hmm....

anyways, I dont want to sound too bitchy, but he is a nutter who creeps us all out and is actually really rude to us and totally  narrow minded and racist towards everyone who isn't Australian.

So, apart from crazy Chris, I've actually been having an awesome time in Sydney. Christmas day was beautiful, so hot and sunny. I met up with Dee and Heidi and we went for  Christmas swim (better than our last near drowning attempt) sunbathing and having a bbq. How can it get better than that?!? I also discovered that Christmas in Kent was not a white one, which makes me feel a bit better :)

And I got to speak to the whole family and hear them opening their presents...which was nice to hear them all, bit jealous of the presents though ;)

So now Sydneys been a bit wet, we got lucky for Christmas. Its cloudy alot of the time and still warm, but wet. Damn. Should've stayed in BA.

Apart from my jetlagged days, I have been out pretty much every night since my arrival, so no stopping from BA....although I have actually managed to catch up on my sleep a bit more, I dont feel like the living dead.

Today I walked through China town to Darling Harbour, went to the Maritime Museum which was actually really interesting with a shark exhibition and about the children from the uk in the 19th centuary who were shipped over to oz against their will. Then I walked over the sydney harbour bridge and got some beautiful panoramic shots of the harbour.

And I am a very lucky girl, as I have been talking to my great uncle Patrick and he's flying me out to Tazmania next week for a visit, to meet family that I've never met before. Am really looking forward to it.

I also have realised that Australia is a super expensive country. You actually can spend 100 quid on nothing. I bought a train ticket, some food and a few drinks and thats literally about it. And that is still me living off noodles and salad. Insane.

Anyways, think me and the girls are gonna do the Sydney Tower tomorrow and the botanical gardens, as i dont think it'll be another beach day. Damn. I will also buy baked beans tomorrow, actually been craving them for months now. Can't wait. It really is the simple things...

He's a complimentary shot of me in Sydney...

Enjoy. Muchos love as ever xxxx

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