Thursday, 30 December 2010

Shock! Horror! Last post of 2010...

So, I would like to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Even though its 6 hours away in Sydney...

This year, wow, its gone fast hasn't it? I never would have thought in January, when I was stuck at home in the snow, with no heating as I couldn't get to work - that I would end this year in Sydney. Just goes to show that anything can happen I guess...

This has been a weird year I think. I started a new and exciting job, then decided I was going traveling, then had my heart broken, then went traveling, had the best time in South America, met the most amazing people, got over it and flew to Sydney, where I shall end this weird year and start the most amazing year! That's the dream.

But obviously this year got significantly better and I have an idea of where I might be going when I get back home...we shall see.

So theres the reminiscing for 2010. Looking forward to 2011 - have a good feeling about it. Despite being homeless and jobless when I get back - I think it will be a great chance for lots of new things!

Here's a picture of a chrismassy Llama, don't say I never give you anything.
Anyways, so Sydneys treating me fine. Went to Manly yesterday for the beach and a bbq at a friends house, which was awesome!! And tonight I am going with Dee, Sheila and Michael to a bar near the harbour to see the fireworks, drinks, food etc. Should be a wicked night.

Anyways, best wishes and all that jazz to everyone and Happy New Year, when it comes around to where you are.

Missing you all as ever, muchos love xxxx

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