Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas from Sydney!!


ok, so my christmas has started well - champagne breakfast to follow a hectic, christmas themed night out in Sydney. This has gotten much better, especially as my first few days in sydney was pretty bad. I was put in a room of 7 english 'lads on tour' and it was actually worse than 'that night' in the salt flats. Thats saying something!!

I literally lost days of my life - travelling, the date line and bad jet lag meant that i just wanted to sleep, instead at 4pm, i was woken up by the 7 horribly drunk guys, walking around totally naked, jumping on me whilst i was in bed and trying to take my covers off me. This i could tolerate, to a point. then we had a party in my room with around 30 other people i had never met, whilst i was still in bed. still tolerating.

The final straw was when one of the guys trying to kick the door in as he forgot his key, and brought a girl back, demanding that she get naked. then i left and demanded to change rooms. which has actually worked out much better, as the people in my room are much nicer and more my kind of people. We even make dens in our beds when we get back from a drunken night out and sing christmas carols. Everything works out in the end.

So i actually havent seen much of Sydney yet, met Dee and Heidi yesterday who I met in Argentina and spending christmas day with them on Coogee Bay Beach for a bbq, which will be awesome as the weather is beautiful today!

Am gutted to be missing a white christmas and missing making mince pies and mulled wine with mum, and decorating dads tree. next year.

So anyways, I'm off to the beach - dont be too cold back at home!! haha!!

miss you all tons and sorry i'm not there with you guys. muchos muchos muchos love always and forever xxxx

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