Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cusco catchup and car crashes...

well, i have actually been quite ill this week. i have spent two days in bed with a fever and then had some kind of chest infection, i think. is hard to tell what you have when you dont really understand. but thats my guess anyways.
so im slowly recovering, which is just as well as im off to do the inca trail tomorrow, 28 miles in 4 days. that should make me feel better!

we had protests here in cusco this week, as the government wants to build a dam, which would almost cut off the water supply to the poorest people here. the protesters were calm on the first day but everything was shut and they blocked off the roads out of the city with sticks and bricks so that no one could leave. the second day was more violent, with protesters throwing rocks at tourists in anger at the governement not doing anything. luckily i wasnt due to leave, but many people who had plans or treks etc had to put everything on hold, as no one knew how the protests would go.

after the protests, i went on a tour of the sacred valley the other day, an attempt to get out and see some stuff. it was interesting, but i was stuck with americans the whole day! now, i know all americans arent the same, and i happen to know some very nice ones, but middle aged americans seem to expect everything to be like america, wherever they do. and they think they´re funny. reall funny. and they all laugh at each other. ugh.

despite this, i had a good day, seeing inca ruins is always impressive. its a wonder how they did what they did and why.

although on the way back, we saw the most terrible car crash. the car in front just span out of control and over the wall an rolled down the hill until it hit a tree. our bus stopped and we all got out to help. the driver wasnt hurt, but there were three children in the back and were pulled out all covered in blood, screaming and crying. it was an awful sight. they were lucky to have hit that tree, otherwise they would have kept going. it was so sad, we were miles from any big city to get help. i was so shocked that i nearly burst into tears there and then, not knowing what we could do to help.

ive met some cool people here in cusco, mark very kindly looked after me when i was ill, but i have since heard that he is in hospital after a biking accident on his trek. by the sounds of it, he is always going to hospitals around the world. and the daves, one english but living in argentina and one ozzie were really cool as well. so despite the illness an general lack of energy this week, everything is going ok.

i shall  be back from my trek wednesday next week and i shall try and head down to lake titicaca, copacabana an then la paz, bolivia. although its going to be even colder. eek!

muchos love xxx

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  1. Hey my lil angel, i hope you enjoyed your birthday. Really hope your feeling better, take it easy. Cant belive that crash, i would so of cried! Loving the blog. Safe travels xxxx