Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Whoever said there was a language barrier?

So, first things first. After travelling for around 17 hours and watching 3.25 films (clash of the titans was boring), I made it to Lima!

My first language faux pas was on my first night, when i accidentally brushed my teeth with foot cream. It looked like colgate.

The second? Agua con gas. L'odio gas! oh well.

Anyways, I befriended my finnish room mates over breakfast and we headed to the historical centre of Lima. I spent the bus journey sitting next to an old Peruvian man, dressed in a turquoise Adidas shell suit, singing in my ear.

After walking around the very colourful city, we visited the San Fransico Church and the Peruvian Catacombs. Theres nothing like looking at 25 000 dead people to make you hungry for lunch! It was very interesting though, not scary like the Parisian Catacombs.

After lunch, which im not sure what it was, but it was pretty good! we went back to the main square, where we saw many many riot police, police with guns and police on horses. We got pretty excited that something big was going down!

But after a while we got bored and went to find the bus to San Cristablo. We were bearly co erced onto a slightley dodgey seeming tour, but thought better of it. perhaps today we will make it there!

After walking through the protests in central Lima- something political but we´re not sure what, we found that all being blonde, tall and uncanningly wearing almost identical dress, we were more of a tourist attraction than the beautifully colourful architecture. We had many photos taken with Peruvian tourists and children! It was quite novel.

Anyways, im going to try and book my trip to Nazca today and maybe go back into the city centre to make it on the San Cristablo tour!

Adios Amigos!!

Muchas love xxxx 

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  1. Ha ha almost like when I brushed my teeth with vodka! Glad that you made it there safe :-D xx