Thursday, 16 September 2010

Sometimes I do the stupidest things...

I think that when im in England, im a pretty sensible sort of gal. So the fact that i ended up walking through the middle of the motorway in flip flops, trying to reach the Miraflores beach, which happened to be miles away, was a bit silly.

But dont worry, its actually not as dangerous as it sounds. And i did make it, blisters and all.

I feel that ive become a bit of a tourist attraction since being here. I have literally had hundreds of car tooting me, men blowing kisses at me and saying hi or whatever. Could be worse i guess, at least they´re all friendly.

Anyways, so i have booked my next trip. I leave Lima tomorrow morning on the 4am bus to Nazca, to take a flight over the muy famoso Nazca Lines. This is followed by a 12hr bus journey to Cusco, where i shall spend the week before i set off on the Inca Trail on my birthday. woop woop!

And i have met lots of cool and interesting people already - so many langauges and so many purposes. 

I also met an ozzie guy, but unfortunately, he is not the one. I feel i will have better luck in oz. But he´s moving to london in december, so maybe you´ll see him around!

Anyways, thats the low'down for now.

Adios amigos xoxo

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