Monday, 20 September 2010

Nasca y Crazy Cusco!

Hola mi amigos!

I am currently in Cusco, which is super high up  in the mountains. Its pretty beautiful up here, but im still adjusting to the altitude. I have drank buckets of cocoa leaf tea, which really does help!

Anyways  have met some awesome people here, and despite the altitude, wnt clubbing on my first night with jane and catherine who work at the hostal here and their friends and a few other travellers. was pretty good fun!

we went to a bar for cocktails and shots, to celebrate Mo´s birthday and we tried to leave without paying!! didnt work though as there were so any of us! and then we went to Inkateam, a local club which was pretty small but jam packed. Then the night got a little crazy with the guys all becoming topless, chests were being licked etc etc.

The dancing here is pretty incredible. It looks all bump and grind, but without the Oceana sleaziness. They dance with passion, whether it is with a lover or a friend. I learnt all the moves from my new friend William, a local in Cusco. He owns a hostel here and despite not speaking English, we got along very well. And he was hot :)

So yesterday, being horribly hungover,  went and sat in the main plaza, where I met Shay, an Israli traveller so we went out for lunch and walked around the city. Sundays are pretty special in Cusco, they have lots of tradtional dress and celebrations to bruing the city together. We saw some incredble dances, in the most beautful and brightly coloured handmade clothes. Some of the dances included whippng each other, including children, which was strange to watch. It didnt appear to hurt though.
A few days ago I was in Nasca to see the Lines, which was interesting, but the planes were very small and made me feel very sick! i made it though. my favourite was the astronaught! its pretty mad to think that these were made all those years ago and people still dont know why. I also met a local who used to live near Surbiton station when he was studying at Kingston-small world. and my old pruvian travl agent kept kissing me on the lips. people are quite lip friendly, i dont know if its a custom, or just me!

Anyways, im off to see some inca ruins today and to organise my inca trail which starts on my birthday! a presant to myself!

i hope everyone is well.
muchos love xxx

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  1. hello!! wow your a super cool social butterfly! sooo jealous! sounds like your having a brillant time! hope to see some photo footage soon missy!!! hope you have an amazing time on the inca trail, the coaco tea sounds so yum!

    Mucho love my deary, youll have to send me the dates of when your be in tailand so I can start saving! and booking and planning! lol

    Speak soon xxxxxxx