Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tassie Tales and Fears of the Flood

So, my current location is Byron Bay, Australia, which is a cute and chilled hippie town. Where people wear rainbow dresses and walk around with no shoes. Where there are actually golden blonde Australians who can surf. Its a cool little place.

Anyways, so I really enjoyed Tassie - was amazing to meet Gemma, her partner Fluffy and the kids Joshua and Jacob, they are the sweetest boys - they remind me of our Max and Jack! And Gemma reminds me of a very Australian version of my  mum! They really must meet one day.

So I was very well looked after - being wined, dined and champagned pretty much everyday! Went to Port Arthur for the day to see where all the convicts from the UK were sent. This was really interesting as its a part of our history that we don't learn about, I guess because England wasn't very proud of what they actually did. They basically used to send all the convicts that they didn't want in the UK, over to Australia where they lived in prisons and were made to build ships, builing etc - kind of like slave labor. Except for a lot of people, their crime was petty - like stealing a loaf of bread to feed your family. That kind of stuff.

I also went to a couple of exhibiton openings, hence my face in the paper: 

Tassie News Pic

NOT - my face literally stuck to the paper whilst out drunk, like some people thought...tut tut! Seriously guys, what do you think I'm doing out here?!?  ;)

So yes, now in Byron Bay, deciding what and how I'm acutally going to manage my trip - as Queensland (the north east state) has had major floods - some places up to 9 metres and lots of people have died. So that's quite scary and that is supposed to be where I'm heading - even Brisbane has been flooded now (good thing you got out Jo!). So my new plan is to whizz up super quick in the next few weeks, have a few stopovers and do the Whitsundays - as I was told that I HAVE to do it by a few people - so I'm going to do it on a pirate ship!! Awesome!!

So now I have moved my flight out of Oz to the 4th Feb to go to Bali - save myself a few weeks and an absolute fortune! Will do as much of east indonesia as possible, before meeting Jess (yay!!) to do Bali and the Gillis, and then Sarah and Maccas wedding - super exciting!!

So lots to look forward to, which is good, as I wasn't sure on Australia when I first got here. It reminded me too much of home, which then made me miss everyone, especially as I was sad to leave south america and all the friends I made there. I guess I'm just looking for something very different, interesting and challenging, which isn't Australia, as it so easy to travel.

I also feel old here. Everyone travelling here is super young.

So thats the plan, hopefully the rain will stop so the floods will go away and we can spend some more time on the beaches.

Thats all for now, as I realise I have used the word 'so' to start my paragraphs 6 times in this blog - I won't bore you anymore.

So goodbye for now!! ;) muchos love, as ever xxxx

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