Tuesday, 18 January 2011

a listy and lizardy one...

just wanted to say, that as i am writing this, just saw a MASSIVE lizard roam the streets outside.. crazy.

anyways, just a quick one:

i am very jealous of all the boys backpacks. they are small and compact. and jealous of people with wheels...oh my god, such a great idea. i will never take a backpack again.

Things i miss from south america:

dulche de leche
fried street food from bolivia
bon o bons!! (my absolute fave!)

Things i miss from home:

good cheese (particularly goats cheese)
beans - although i finally had beans on toast!! its been 4 months...
mums lasagne
dads curry
reading festival - even though its not on yet, I CAN'T WAIT!!

and i miss everyone!!

ok so im off to visit matthew and his family on the gold coast, so sleep well and i'll speak to you all soon.

muchos love xxx

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