Monday, 17 January 2011

One for the ladies...

Girls of mine, I am very sorry to declare that the mission has been abandoned. It's just no good out here.

For those who are uninformed of said mission - a few friends of mine decided (pretty much for me!) that I was to come back from Australia with an Australian husband (or suitor) and to already be carrying his child.

I was always a little sceptical of this plan - it just didn't sound like a great idea. But I can now announce that it's definately NOT happening, for the sad truth is ladies, we have been deceived.

The Australian men are not all golden, buff with sunkissed locks. They wear vests, board shorts and even if they are good looking, they know it. Thats not an attractive quality.

But, surprisingly, the nicest guys I have met on my travels so far, happen to be English. Would you believe?!? You come all this way to meet nice English guys. Typical.

So for the ladies at home, there is hope. I think all the nice English guys are just travelling, that explains alot huh? But they will come back to the UK and all will be good again.

Also, more travel tips from a girls perspective...

You just can't wear make up out here - its too hot, it just melts right off your face. I recommend a mineral powder based foundation - nice, light and a life saver!! So it's possible to look a little less sweaty in this insane heat!!

And you just miss wearing heels - so bring a small, compactable pair that go with everything. I miss that - you try and dress up out here, but your always in sandals..not as glam as it could be...

And you will get beach girl envy. Inevitable. You just hope that these surfer style girls, with tiny bikinis and super slim bodies are just holding it all in as they swan down the beach. We can hope.

And take some tips from my lovely Racheroo - bring lots of pedicure type instruments - you will not regret it!! Especially Nivea cream - where would I be without it now? An actual life-saver for my feet.

So an actual update on what I'm up to at the moment... leaving Byron Bay tomorrow to go to Surfers Paradise and stay with some family for the next few days. Hoping to catch up with Dave, who I met in Peru, in Brisbane, but have to see how that goes as they've still got serious flood issues over there. Sunday I fly out to Airlie Beach to do the Whitsundays - on a pirate ship!!! Tres excited about that!! Then magnetic island for a few days and Cairns - where this will be the last stop on my Oz trip. I'll just have to come back with a bag of money and when the weather is better.

So literally just been on the beach and swimming in the pool the last few days. Went out to Cheeky Monkies on Saturday night, where the goon was a flowing, and the tunes were a pumping, and come sunday, the hangover was definately hanging in there! But we still managed to walk around the Byron Bay market - which is a major hippie fest (always reminds me of macca!!). But nice to be in a place where there's no judgement and everyone is so chilled out.

Just what I needed.

So hope you're all well and all that!

Keep you updated soon.

muchos love xxx

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  1. ahhhh so they're all abroad!!! Now I understand!