Saturday, 29 January 2011

Alot can happen in a week...

On the Whitsundays

G'day there!

So...alot happens in a week doesn't it??

I'll tell you whats happening right now, then i'll fill you in on the rest. Ok, so sit back and relax.

Today, I had to make my escape from Magnetic Island, as there is a cyclone coming today - and I didn't want to be stranded on the island, as I have a very busy week ahead. Funnily, all 50 other backpackers had the same idea, as the ferrie were going to stop in the afternoon, so we amazingly, all squeezed onto the bus to catch one of the last ferries going out. Phew! 

And I met up with Reggy - a girl I met on the Whitsundays trip, so now we are in Townsville, killing time before the cyclone hits today. And theres another one hitting on Thursday as well. Fantastic! (and don't tell mum and dad this - they will just worry!). So hopefully it won't stop my flight to Bali on Friday, as I'm trying to escape the crazy Oz weather...hmmm....

So anyways, before all this craziness, I was in the beautiful Gold Coast - and NOT at Surfers Paradise, I hasten to add. Me and Matt (my Aussie Cousin) walked around there and it's a weird place. Not my kinda thing. So I was lucky enough to stay with Matt and his family in Robina, which is a beautiful little place - and I was once again, well looked after, and had the special Matt guided tour!

And on the friday night, I got picked up by the lovely Dave, who I met in Peru - got taken out for dinner, drinks, dancing and a casino. Needless to say, it was a great night, with a bit of a heachache in the morning! And I got treated by Dave to allsorts of Australian type things, like pies, lamington and Tim Tams - oh my god, they are MUCH better than penguins - I have been sold!!
 And my plans changed over the weekend so I was able to stay for The Big Day Out! This is a one day music festival in Oz, and I have always wanted to go - it was soooo much fun!! Highlights were Plan B, the giant inflatable Owl, lots of Gin, seeing lots of cool Aussie bands and of course, hanging out with Dave.


So, I was sad to leave the Gold Coast, and meeting friends and family has now made me fall in love with Australia, after all my moaning about it and sad about leaving South America, I am finally sold. Too bad that I'm leaving next week then.
Guess I'll just have to come back :)

Muchos love, always and forever xxxx

Happy Australia Day!!

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