Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Airport Action and the Worst Day In the World.

So, obviously the day I try to leave Brisbane, the world falls apart and becomes one of the worst days in the world.

I have to say goodbye to everyone - the girls - Jen and Jess who live with Dave, who are some of the best girls I have ever met! Obviously I then had to say goodbye to Dave, which was sad - but its ok as I'll be seeing him in 4 weeks as he's going to travel Thailand with me! How exciting is that?!?

But I was due to have 3 flights today - one from Brisbane - Cairns at 7.30 am, Cairns - Darwin and then Darwin - Bali.
But of course when I get to the airport, the flight is delayed by 2 and a half hours, with no explanations of whats going on and a fake landing time, which was way off mark. I had to fight my way to the front of the plane, and literally run to find someone from the airline who saw I was in such a panic and asked me where I was going. Only to be told that the check in for Darwin had shut 10 minutes ago. AAGGGHHH!!! Could've have made it if they were on time. 

So then, I had to go to the service desk and when they told me I couldn't fly today and that there may be charges for it, I just burst into tears - actual sobs. I was soooo tired from not having a lot of sleep, nervous about leaving to start again in a new country on my own, and emotional from saying goodbye to a few people that I love. So I told her that I was going to miss a wedding- in case that helped. It didn't, but I did get sympathy in my broken down state.

For every few amazing weeks, there's always a killer bad day.

So I pulled myself together and went into Cairns and got a room for the night. Only to find out from my cousin Matt later on, that my Uncle Patrick, who I stayed in Tassie with, has got throat cancer. Talk about making a shit day worse. There's nothing worse than feeling completely useless, alone and so far away from everyone. All my thoughts to Patrick, Matt, Gem and family. xxx

So, that's been my day so far today. Apparently there could be another cyclone tomorrow in Darwin. Good thing I'm flying out of Darwin tomorrow then isn't it? Jesus. Ugh. All of this is basically telling me I just should've stayed eh? You always seem to be right. :)

So anyways - a catch up on the week before. Obviously extended my stay in Brisbane, and ended up doing a lot of shopping and watching Gossip Girl with Jen - as she can't walk at the mo, we needed lil cheer up trips! That and we love to bitch about Gossip Girl.

Me and Dave went to the desert cafe for dinner, which was amazing! Except it makes you feel kinda sick...but in an awesome way.

Saturday afternoon, we had a bbq for Dans 24th bday ( a great age obv!) which was really cool, but a bit surreal, as everyone crowded around on of his friends and started quizzing him. I was like, what's going on? Turns out he was the winner of the 2nd series of the Australian Beauty and the Geek - how surreal is that?!? He's a sweet guy, and he came to the Press Club later with Dan and Jess and naturally, Jess kissed his face ;)

So in the eve, we had a big night out in The West End and The Valley - started off with Jen dressing me in some of her amazing clothes/jewellery/shoes (girls, check out Peeptoeshoes.com.au or something similar) - killer heels which my feet are still recovering from, but make you feel a million dollars. Silver and sparkly...beautiful. 

And so the night started with The Getaway Plan, in my  killer heels...kinda hard work but they were really cool! Then we met with Sabina, Megan and Nat for crazy dancing with live music, lots of red lipstick...love it! And at 2am, we said our long drawn out goodbyes, to hit The Press Club in The Valley for club-tastic times! When we saw Jess, she went crazy for us! We were gyrating at the bar, ordering green goblin shots and getting crazy! Lots of dancing, photos, kisses, licks, haha etc. Such a great night!

This night ended with the boys getting pizza, and the girls running across the valley to look at shoes. Thats just how we roll baby!

Naturally Sunday was a hangover day, so we cured this with an epic cooked breakfast on the bbq with Jess in killer cleaning mode - despite nearly dying the night before! Ended the day with dinner at Daves sisters place which was cool.

And finally, valentines day - my last day in Brisbane. Was cool because i dont believe in it - so we had a leaving meal at wagamas which is much more to my taste, with all the gang! A great way to end!

So a great couple of weeks, with a killer day today. But looking forward to the future :)

Muchos love as ever xxxx

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  1. oh love, all the flights and travel arrangements you made, you were so organised, i hope it all goes smoothly, at least you had a great time in Aussie love you xxxx. Try not to worry about Uncle Patrick Gemma said that it hasn`t spread so thats good news. Have a wonderful time in Bali keep taking the photos