Monday, 7 February 2011

Brisbane #2

Hey guys.

Well, as some of you may already now, my plans have changed, yet again! I escaped Cairns just in time to come down to Brisbane, to visit Dave - and haven't quite left yet!

We've done sooo much this week - picnics, national parks, glow worms, swimming, cinema, and the Story Bridge Climb!!

Jess, Me and Dave doing the climb.

Basically, I have been more than spoilt here - having the best time with these guys! Just spent today with Jen - another of Daves housemates - shopping and lunching in Brisbane. Also getting to drive around as she's broken her foot, poor thing. And I LOVE driving!!

And also, go see Black Swan. Best thing you can do. Its haunting, dark, incredible. And Natalie Portman will win the Oscar. And she deserves it.

So, am heading up to Bali next week now - do a bit of Flores, Komodo and Rinca before meeting Jess and Joe in Bali for cocktails and a bit of cheeky English fun!! Can't wait to see some people from home!! Has been so long.

Also got to talk to the family the other day - Jack has grown sooo much. Insane. Sad to be missing out on these little things.

Anyways, so back to Brisbane. Its surviving pretty well considering how badly they were flooded. Queenslanders really do pull themselves together and everyone helps each other out. Theres real community spirit here. Its incredible.

You can also just chat to people and they open up, tell you a story whether you asked to hear it or not. Everyones so honest, friendly - we can learn alot from this in the UK I think. If you spoke to someone in a lift or on the tube, people would think you either:

a) Had some kind of agenda
b) You're mental
c) You're coming onto them
d) You might mug them

Shame really. Think of all those people we could have met.

Just a thought.

So I was really bad and bought some beautiful clothes today with Jen. Bit of retail therapy! But I am sick of everything I own - worn them to death in the last 5 months. Plus I really did need 2 dresses, sandals and 3 headbands for the wedding. Such a girl thing.

So I am now pretty much half way through my trip. Can't believe how much I've done and achieved in this time - actually crazy! Still got 5 more to go though, so as incredible as it's been - maybe the best is yet to come!!

Muchos love as ever xxx

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  1. Are you seriously only half way through???!! Feels like you have been gone forever! xx