Tuesday, 15 February 2011

And I should just stay in Australia...

Because clearly thats what it wants! I obviously had an AWFUL day yesterday (see previous post), only to wake up today to find out that my flight to Darwin has been cancelled because of another cyclone.


Seriously, more cyclones? I can't take much more. I just want to get to Bali now - it's not fair, I'm stuck in Cairns, on my own, can't afford to do the trips and there's nothing to do in the town centre. Sucks to be me.

Ok, so it could be worse, I know this, I just want to get there - especially as it's gonna take me all day when I do get there anyways. Ugh.

So have moved my flights to the 18th, fingers crossed I can fly then, otherwise I won't have time to see anything before I meet Jess and Joe. And I would've gone stir crazy in Cairns by then. Seriously dull. And stupid hot. You sweat just be breathing. Ugh.

So another complainy one from me. Enjoy your regular cool day, whilst I sweat my life away, trying to escape this country!!

Muchos love xxx

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