Saturday, 19 February 2011

One from the journal...

( the following extract is taken word for word from my last journal entry)

Jetsetting ( You know you've been flying too much when you know the inflight magazine)

So, I think I've become quite blase about this whole flying malarky. I rock up to the wrong airport terminal, 2.5 hours after checkin in opened. In my defense, I thought I was flying domestic.

So, I was wrong. Luckily, I still had half an hour to play with and the queue wasn't long - after a waddling walk in between terminals and actually sweating my life away.

Red, sweaty and frantically fanning myself with my passport, I get to the check in desk to discover that my bag is now 19.2kg. Ouch! What happened? Need a cull, quick!

Oh and I also needed to prove that I had an onward flight from Bali. Ah. This is something that they either
a) don't make very clear
b) I didn't think about it. I like to think it was both.

Luckily, I did actually have an onward flight booked, just no proof. And also lucky that I changed my plans to make my stay in Oz longer, as I was planning to overstay my visa in Indonesia. Something I dont think they would let me do.

So, with my 19.2kg backpack plus rucksack and a Bolivian Hat, I quickly waddled - once again- to use the internet to email the check in guy my flight details. A $2.50 for 2 mins. Bargin.

And if all of that wasnt enough, the airline had me down as a man. A man?!? How is that possible? Idiots.

So made it through all of that, rushed through security to discover that Cairns International airport is a bit shit. There's one place to eat and like, no seats. So I had $6 worth of chips, sprayed myself in a ton of Diors Pure Poison (my fave) to cover up my sweaty backpacker state, and sat on the floor. Sigh.
So now I'm on the plane to Darwin, to spend 5 hours in the airport before finally getting to Bali. Its taken 3 cyclones, a late departure, 2 missed flights, 2 cancelled flights and approx $1000, but I'm finally leaving. What a journey eh?

Despite all the changes, throwing my money away and initially not enjoying it, I've loved Oz. The family, the friends, the lifestyle. I just wana come back - and once again, im sad to leave another place and always saying goodbye.

But at least this time, its "see you later"  :)


So, Darwin Airport. Smallest transit area ever. I need to kill a few more hours, so have some more handy travelling tips:

- Bring Pot pourri sachets to keep your clothes smelling good in your backpack. ( card perfume sticks from duty free at the airport also work for a bit as well)

- Keep your computer electricals in a seperate bag - saves time when trying to locate the USB, the card reader, other devices etc. And tie them in a know to save even more untangling time!

- I'ts handy to have a plastic knife, fork and spoon. You'd be surprised how hard these are to find when you need them.

- Bring brightly coloured string - handy for tying up zips in the airport (stops people going in stealing/planting drugs on you), tying up excess stuff to your bag, a washing lines in dorm rooms etc etc.

- tape - a lil roll if any kind of tape (preferably duct/electical as its stronger) will come in handy more often than you think.

- scrap paper/post it notes - very useful if you dont have a journal/ guidebook that you dont mind scribbling notes all over.

- whilst travelling, keep washing powder in an empty drinks bottle - much easier to transport.

- do not underestimate the power of waterproof mascara. Wish i'd taken this advice.

- Bring enough of the things you cant get out here and that you need. ie - the world doesnt sell vaseline roll on deos - weird as you cany buy other vaseline far 5 months = 3 roll ons ( for those who are as equally allergic to alcohol as me and cant use other deos).

- dont use your uk phone in oz! unless you want 200 and 300 quid monthly phone bills. Like me. Ouch.

- girls, Oz apparently charges for contraceptives such as the pill (as my friend emily found out, they're not cheap) get it from home, where it is free! (or get the implant - no babies or periods for 3 years - best thing ever! and no mood swings - huzzah!)

- greyhound passes in oz are a con. get cheap flights and spend less time on stupid buses. Jetstar/virgin blue/ tiger airways are good for cheap domestic flights. i've done this and only taken 3 greyhounds. flying is the way to go.

Best Airports so far: Gatwick, Sydney, La Paz, Rurrenabaque (novelty factor), Brisbane.
Worst Airports so far: Hobart, Buenos Aires, Prosperine, Cairns, Darwin, Lima, Byron Bay.

Can you tell im bored yet?

Quotes i like from "Eight Lives Down"

"Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising each time we fall" - Confucius
"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go" - TS Eliot
"It is foolish to fear what you cannot avoid" - Publilius Syrus

"I'd rather give my life than be afraid to give it" - Lynda Johnson

ok, so thats an insight to my wonderful journals!

finally made it to Bali and loving it! so thats "How for now!"

muchos love as ever xxxxx

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